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This Wikia is about the comic Animalia. You can read it here: I hope you like the comic! This Wikia will show you the charachters.

About the comicEdit

Lusy, the brown dog female, is the last Master or Animalia. She must learn how to fight with the griffins. The griffins are the enemy of Animalia. Lusy will meet a lot of friends. Her best friend is Goldy. Goldy is a golden dog. She is really big. The son of the griffin general, August, will leave the griffins and join Animalia.

☀All souls of animals belongs to Animalia! Animalia means animal. The animals must fight with the griffins to save the world. The griffins are bad. They want to be the lords of the world. But, the Masters of Animalia must stop them. For more informations, read the comic!

The charachters:Edit

The characthers have powers. They are not classic animals, They are animals with powers, but the Masters of Animalia have the best powers. The griffins are strong. They have wings and they can fly. But, they don't work so good as a team.

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